Magician Prices

How much does a magician cost? Price is obviously of huge importance when you are event co-ordinating. Most people have never hired a close up or table magician before so it’s completely understandable to have no idea how much magicians cost.

Noel doesn’t have his prices for close up magic on the site because there are a bunch of factors affecting the price such as location, type of event, time of year, weekday or weekend and guest numbers. If you are just having a quick look for close up magician’s prices then as a guideline professional magicians charge anything from £300 to £650. Noel’s prices are very competitive considering his experience and expertise as a London magician. If you would like Noel to quote you for a specific event then please complete the booking contact form and he’ll be in touch within a few hours.

The hardest thing to sell is a service. There's no fancy car to drape Kate Moss all over. There's no "fresh minty scent" to tantalize the senses. And there's nothing under the bonnet to look at and pretend like you have any idea what that thingy-ma-jig means.

Close up magicians are selling something that's totally amorphous and
completely 100% trust-based. You have to trust that the magician can solve your entertainment needs.

Noel says, “I totally understand the dilemma, I get it, I really do. You’ve seen a table magician at a function and you’d really like to add a touch of magic to your event but who to pick? Well on this website I hope I’ve answered any questions you might have. Take a peek at the video page, the FAQ pages and of course check out the heap of testimonials and photos scattered all over the site. If you wanna get in touch about requirements then drop me an email