Magician in Portsmouth

Portsmouth magician Noel Qualter is one of the busiest close up magicians on the south coast. Each year, Noel attends a large number of parties, events, exhibitions, banquest and entertains with his brand of close up magic. Close up magicians are an ideal form of entertainment for many social functions due to their flexibility and unique appeal.

Noel is his own stage as he travels among the crowd with minimal props and space usage. Noel will conjure up a show at any table or group and packs an evening of laughs and astonishment up his sleeves. If you need a magician in Portsmouth then you are in the right place, just drop Noel an email and he’ll get back to you within a few hours.

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Portsmouth Close up Magician

A Portsmouth close up magician makes a great surprise addition to the party. Once you’ve done the big reveal shouting SURPRISE…..Noel can magically appear and float around the room (not literally) and perfom mini miracles for everybody. It’s a great way to set your party or event from others by hiring a skilled slieght of hand magician.

The focus of your special occasion, whether a wedding, birthday, banquet or ball, should of course be you! Let close up magician Noel Qualter enhance the evening by entertaining your guests up close and personal. While mingling from table to table and leaving guests with faces astounded and jaws dropped, Noel Qualter will add fun, laughter and amazement to your occasion.

Wedding Magician Portsmouth

Portsmouth is a great place to get married with many top venues. If you are planning your big day in Portsmouth then add to the charm of your celebration by booking Noel. He brings that special extra dynamic to your perfect day by making your guests laugh, smile and banter about the incredible illusions they are seeing at their table..

With experience well over ten years and spanning across the UK, Noel Qualter is a hassle free choice of entertainment guaranteed to make your wedding day extra special.

With a top professional wedding magician Like Noel you can be sure there will e no barriers between the families, even if they don’t know each other too well. Just set Noel loose and he can break the ice around to room and get everybody in the party mood. Once you have seen an amazing magic trick you just have to talk about it. Your brain can’t take in what it has seen so the only result is laughter and tension is released. Friends and family alike will be laughing and cheering together within minutes. Whilst performing tricks only inches away, guests will still be left marveling “how he did it!”

Magicians in Portsmouth

Have you seen any table magicians in Portsmouth at events before? If you have you will know the impact they can have. The magic happens right in your hands so you can actually feel the moment of magic which is an incredible sensation.

If you are organizing a large event then you may need more than just one magician to get around to all your guests. During the last decade Noel has established great relationships with top entertainment providers who cover Portsmouth so he can help you book extra acts. Noel only works with the top magicians in Portsmouth, guys he has personally vetted and are of the very top class.

If you have any questions about you hire a magician or what will happen on the night then get in touch with Noel, he has all the answers.hire magician portsmouth