Magician Manchester

Are you looking to hire a magician in Manchester for event, wedding or party? Well Noel Qualter has a decade of experience working as a Manchester magician. Many thousands of guests at a variety of functions have witnessed Noel’s amazing close up magic and keep coming back year after year to rebook him. If you are looking for a party magician in the North West then you are in the right place. Below you will find loads more info on the different types of close up magic shows Noel offers.

Close up Magician Manchester

The art of a close up magician is being able to approach a group of strangers, put them at ease and within moments and get them laughing and reacting to amazing magic. Noel has a winning formula for this honed over his 10 years as a professional close up magician in Manchester.  His close up magic is a mixture of sleight of hand, mind reading, funny stuff and tonne of interaction with the spectators.

You may well have seen close up magicians on the TV but seeing a close up magician in Manchester live is something completely different. Magic only works if you can see and touch the objects, on TV you don’t have tha luxury. With an event close up magicin you can verify that everything is what it appears to be and thgere f nothing iffy going on. Then just when you think it couldn’t get any fairer the close up magician blows your mind!

Wedding Magician Manchester

There has been an explosion in popularity for wedding magicians in Manchester and for good reason. A skilled wedding magician can add a great dela to your  special day by breaking the ice between different groups, bringing them together and giving them a focal point to talk about. When you witness bewildering close up magic you cannot believe your eeyes so you are foced to discuiss the happenings.

There are several different opportunities during the day for utilising a wedding magician. You could ask Noel to perform during the photographs where he will mix and mingle with the guests showcasing his skill with cards, coins and other small objects.

Also, the wedding breakfast is a popular time. This is probably the most popular choice as it allows the most amount of people to see the wedding magicians as everybody is seated and nobody gets missed out.

Or you could plum for hiring Noel to entertain the evening guests as they arrive. These guys are keen to get in the party spirit quickly and what better way than to get Manchester wedding magician Noel busting out pocket sized miracles.

Table Magician Manchester

If you are holding a banquet then a Manchester table magician is a versatile form of entertainment that can be enjoyed by everybody. The great beauty of table magic is no staging is required. The table magician simply walks from table to table entertaining each table with perfect little magic show with items from his pockets.

 Some tricks you might expect to see from Noel at table are pushing a bottle through a table and making a ring vanish only for it to reappear on the shoelaces of his shoe. Over the last 10 years Noel has been used to entertain at a wide variety of meals from awards dinners to charity fund raisers and Christmas parties.  You will be able to tell when Noel is working his magic as a fun atmosphere descends on the room and follows Noel where ever he goes. If you are looking for a top professional table magician in Manchester then get in touch with Noel today.

manchester close up magician


Corporate Magician Manchester

Some huge companies hold events in Manchester and if you are looking for a magician for a corporate event in Manchester then you are in the right place. Noel has worked for some of the biggest multi nationals in the world at events all over the world. In the last twelve months he has performed for Warner Bros, Barclays Capital, HBOS, Aegon and many more. More details can be found on the clients and testimonials page.

Noel is also available to work as an exhibition magician and event magician in Manchester so if are considering hiring a magician to draw people to your trade show booth then Noel is the perfect person to do this.

A useful skill of a corporate magician is the ability to be able to adapt a magic trikck routine for different events. This is great as a branding tool because the magician can make small changes to an existing effect to make it a perfect fit for your business.  If you want the presentation of the trick can even be changed to draw attention to specific points you’d like to promote.

Corporate magic is a very versatile area and almost anything can be done so if you have questions about this don’t hesitate to contact Noel.

Party Magician Manchester

Party magician Noel Qualter attends dozens of parties all over the UK every year  and if you are looking for a party magician in Manchester then keep reading. A party magician makes a great surprise attraction at a variety of events. If you know somebody who always “oohs and ahhs” at the exploits of TV magicians like Dynamo, Derren Brown and David Blaine then a Manchester pary magician is a great way to make their party extra special. If it’s a birthday party, garden party, dinner party or anniversary then Noel can add a magical touch with his sleight of hand skill.

The vast majority of Noel’s work is when he is rebooked by past clients. When you see amazing magic it sticks in the memory for a long time and people have been known to keep a signed card or twisted glass for many years as a memento of the party. If you are holding small party then noel can come and do his formal magic show which is great for a group of up to 20 where everybody ca watch at once and if you have a large event then walkaround magic and table magic is perfect.

Hire Magician Manchester

Would you like a quote? Then head over to the enquiry form and Noel will get back to you within a few hours. If you decide to go ahead then he will send you a booking form which just needs to be signed and completed to hold the date. The hire of a magician can take a great event and make it amazing. Everybody has fond memories of magic but its rare to see a live magician so you can be sure of a real talking point. If you have any questions at all then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Noel.

Magicians in Manchester

Noel is lucky enough to be friends with some of the very best magicians in the North West so if you are looking for a couple of magicians in Manchester then get in touch. Larger events require more entertainment and Noel has a large list of event specialist contacts. No matter what type of entertainment your require, from caricaturists to casino tables, Noel can give you a nudge in the right direction and even book them on your behalf if you wish.

As a guideline one magician is needed for every hundred guests.  In the past noel has been called on to book a team of ten magicians to work at a huge event for over a thousand guests. Noel only works with top professional magicians that he has worked with in the past and you be sure they are all exceptional quality.