Magician Bath

Bath magician Noel Qualter is a specialist close up magician at events in and around the beautiful city of Bath. A close up magician can make a great surprise addition to a party or function as it helps to break the ice with guests and get people laughing and chatting.

No matter what other things you have planned a magician in Bath like Noel can make a real impression on the event.

Noel has been a professional magician for 10 years and has vast experience performing at a wide range of events like weddings, corporate events and private parties all around Bath, Bristol and the rest of the UK.

Table Magician Bath

If you are planning a large banquet where guests will be seated for dinner then a Bath table magician is the answer. A table magician roves around all the tables and will perform a short but thoroughly amazing magi show for all the guests. You can expect to see rings vanish in a flash of flame and reappear in the most intriguing place and tatty bits of magazine are changed into £20 notes with a flick of the wrist.  It really is the most visual entertainment possible where there is no explanation, the magic just happens inches away from your face.

If you have been lucky enough to see a table magician in Bath then you know the impact it can have. Noel relies a lot on repeat bookings and many people recount table magic miracles from many years ago when they book him again.

Wedding Magician Bath

There are few places more beautiful to get married in than Bath and if you really want to add some magical entertainment to the big day then consider hiring a Bath wedding magician. Noel attends dozens of weddings around the UK each year and always a few in Bath.

There are a few times that work best for the wedding magician to perform in. You could ask Noel to mingle with your guests during the photographs and champagne. This is just after the ceremony and many guests will be meeting for the first time. Wedding magician Noel always keep an eye out for any guest that appear not be part of any groups and will bring them closer to the magic. Very soon they will be laughing and joining in after witnessing the impossible. The other two opportunities for wedding magic are during the meal and also as the evening guests arrive. For large weddings it may suit to have Noel appear at more than one time of the day and discounts are available for more than one slot.

Close up Magician in Bath

Close up magicians work in a completely different way to any other kind of magicians. They perform dextrous sleight of hand with small objects like cards, coins and rope or other bits they can borrow like phones and rings. With this potpourri of stuff they can create incredible magic that lives long in the memory and sets one event apart from the crowd.

If you have been lucky enough to see a close up magician in Bath then you know how powerful it can be. You can tell there is a close up magic guy in the room very quickly as raucous laughter, banter and applause spreads through the room very quickly. Often bookers remark to Noel that they could tell he was going down incredibly well because the fun just seems to spread around the room.

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Magicians in Bath

Is it a big function? If you are expecting 300 or 3000 guests it doesn’t matter. If you really want all your guests to experience incredible close up street magic then you need to book a couple of magicians.  Event coordinating is hard work and Noel wants to make the job as easy as possible for you guys so on your behalf he can book as many magicians as you need. The rule of thumb is one magician per 100 guests so if you have a large crowd coming and the budget will stretch to it, book a couple of Bath magicians. If you want to discuss booking multiple magicians then drop Noel an email and he’ll get right back to you with a quote.

Hire Magician Bath

Hopefully now you can really see the benefits of hiring a magician in Bath to entertain at your party. If you’d like any further information about any aspect of performing then hopefully you’ll find it on the other pages or the FAQ. If you have any other questions that aren’t covered or would like a quick quote give Noel a call on 0781 382 5547 and he’ll be happy to discuss any questions you might have and advise on the best use of a magician to hire in Bath.

Areas Covered –

Noel covers all of Bath and the surrounding areas including –  Bath-easton, Bathford,Charlcombe,Kelston,Langridge,Lansdown, North Stoke, Northend, St Catherine, Swainswick,Weston, Woolley. Of course if you are looking for a magician for further afield Noel also covers everywhere in the UK and abroad.