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Noel Qualter Online Magic Show promo - Virtually Impossible

Promo for Noel’s online magic show, Virtually Impossible.

Noel Qualter Close Up & iPad Magician promo video

Tech magic for CNET.com and Honor

CNET and Honor asked me to come up with original magic routines for the brand new Honor MagicBook laptop. I flew to Barcelona to amaze the guests at the February 2020 Honor All-Scenario Intelligence Live Streaming Press Conference. Check out the promo below, and head over to CNET to see me showcasing the amazing graphics with a game of Pong, the laptop’s surprising online shopping capabilities and demonstrating how it’s just as perfectly designed as that magician’s mainstay, the deck of cards.

Noel Qualter at the Magic Castle, Hollywood

Highlights from Noel’s week-long residency at Hollywood’s Magic Castle. 

Noel Qualter Close Up Magician Promo video

Noel Qualter performing magic on Watchdog

Watchdog finally caught up with me – in a good way! Here are some brief pieces of magic from a report on dastardly dieting tablets.

Noel Qualter performing on Penn & Teller: Fool Us

Did I mention I’m a part-time super successful movie producer? Don’t worry, the hat lives in a drawer now and won’t be coming out ever again.