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Table Magician

A fresh, innovative table magician for your next event.

A table magician performs a close-up magic show at your table during a function. Each table sees an act that defies belief; objects change in the hands, multiply and defy the laws of nature all within inches of onlookers’ faces. These impossible objects can then be kept by your guests as a unique souvenir.

Noel performs sleight of hand magic with small objects from his pockets like cards and coins, and with borrowed objects like rings, banknotes and mobile phones. He combines this with his Jedi mind reading skills to produce magic like you’ve seen ‘on the telly’ – but while you’ve probably thought magic on TV uses actors or camera trickery, this is so close and so real you’ll be prepared to join a cult after seeing it.

Whole episodes of Jeremy Kyle have been dedicated to people who cannot let go after witnessing Noel’s magic.

Close up magician with playing card in his mouth
Lady amazed by card magician

Noel says:

“Most of the table magic work I do is in London, Surrey, Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire, although I do travel further afield for table magic bookings. In the last few years I have been lucky enough to be invited to perform as a table magician at corporate events abroad such as a private dinner for Saudi princes in a 7 star hotel in Saudi Arabia, a worldwide brand launch in Kuwait, several trips to Dubai, Cannes, Kuwait, Berlin, Saudi Arabia, Paris, Venice, Casablanca and Barcelona…the list goes on.”

I want to say a huge thank you for coming to our joint 70th birthday party. You were fantastic and just what we needed! Your table magic is amazing and kept both young and old entertained and amazed – my youngest granddaughter is still guarding her bent penny with her life! You were so discreet and professional, blending in with the party and never trying to dominate. We were thrilled with your work and just wished we had had much more time to watch you. Thank you!

Janet Shaw

Many thanks for providing such fantastic entertainment for us last night. I think all our staff were gobsmacked by your magic and many of them were still trying to fathom out the tricks well into Thursday morning!!!!! We will absolutely be recommending you!

Jane Kassir, GlaxoSmithKline