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Magician in Dover

Dover magician: Noel Qualter has been a professional magician for nearly 20 years, and has performed close up magic and table magic for people in Dover on many occasions during that time. Close up magic is a great addition to many sorts of events like weddings, banquets, balls, birthdays, drinks parties and many others. You might think it’s a bit fancy to have a magician (it is! But the good type of fancy), or that it’s difficult to book (it’s not! Noel makes it easy). It’s well worth considering hiring a magician for your event in Dover if you want to make an impact – get in touch with Noel if you’re not sure, to discuss your needs.

If you’ve been lucky enough to see a table magician work live before then you’ll know the kind of effect amazing magic can have. Noel has performed magic all over Dover for many years and is invited back to perform time and time again. Check out his videos and reviews! Or give him a call on 0781 382 5547 if you have any questions.