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Magician Tonbridge and Malling

Tonbridge and Malling Magician: Noel Qualter has been wowing audiences in Tonbridge and Malling for the best part of 20 years. If you are looking to hire magician in Tonbridge or Malling or the surrounding areas then drop Noel a line.

He performs close up magic, table magic, and brings his own flavour to the table with digital illusions he has created, using iPads, programming and hi-tech animations. Close up magicians, digital magicians and table magicians are now seen at many top events and are often the highlight of the day or evening. If you are considering booking a magician in Tonbridge or Malling, consider Noel – check out his videos, testimonials, and more detail about his work as a table magician, wedding magician, corporate magician, party magician and iPad magician.

Noel actually filmed a promo video in West Malling years ago. It poured all day. Fingers crossed the weather will be better for the next time he’s in West Malling. If you’d like to invite him back, get in touch or give Noel a call on 0781 382 5547.