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Magician in Waltham Forest

Waltham Forest magician magician Noel Qualter has been performing close up magic at parties and events throughout Waltham Forest and the rest of London for nearly 20 years. He started doing tricks for family and friends at age 10 and now he’s a full time professional magician.

Have you seen a magician doing miracles a few inches away fron your face? If you’ve only ever seen magicians on the TV then prepare to have your brain messed with. Close up table magicians work at your table or in front of a small group and startle them with spellbinding magic and illusions. They work with cards, coins, and Noel also does iPad magic and tech magic, to astound and amaze.

Contact Noel to discuss your needs for a magician in Waltham Forest, for whatever party, event or gathering you’re arranging.