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Magician Banstead

Banstead close up magician: Noel is a skilled professional magician who works at dozens of events in Surrey every year, bringing his close up magic to hundreds of people. Close up magic can also be called mingling or table magic. This type of magic is performed to little groups at cocktail parties, at dinner party tables, or to clusters of guests loosening up at the bar or lounge area. As a versatile table magician, Noel performs for corporate and hospitality events, society balls, weddings, birthday and house parties and other private functions. Noel is a Member of the Inner Magic Circle. Noel will add something amazing to your event, so contact him if you want to help your guests really enjoy themselves. Based in Surbiton, Surrey, Noel works full time as a skilled table and close up magician. He frequently performs at special events held by small companies as well as big corporations all across the UK, and at private events and weddings. He does exceptional sleight of hand street magic tricks and illusions right in front of your eyes. Noel is knowledgeable about all kinds of entertainment so if you are looking to hire a couple of magicians in Banstead or need additional entertainment ideas then Noel is happy to help and discuss this with you. Noel can adjust to any situation to offer the very best entertainment for you and your guests.