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Magician Ashford

Interested in hiring a magician in Ashford, Surrey? Noel Qualter is an expert table magician and has been performing in Ashford and the surrounding areas for nearly 20 years, bringing his amazing table magic andclose up magic to thousands of people.

A table magician/close up magician is exactly that – a magician who performs for your guests close up. Working his way through a crowd and performing for small groups or individuals comes naturally to Noel. His magic is modern and unique, covering traditional sleight of hand as well as digital magic, and it is well balanced by his wry sense of humour. No matter the type of party you’re planning, magic is a great entertainment choice.

Noel is based in Surbiton, Surrey so only a short drive from Ashford. If you’re interested in hiring a magician get in touch with Noel. He’ll be happy to give you a quote, and can even help plan the perfect entertainment package for your needs.